Summary: 0-9

  • My love of Toronto started on Sept. 27th 1991 in St. Joseph's Hospital. Bad grades, broken bones, Age of Empires and lego, that's all I remember.

Summary: 10-19

  • Started Thomas and Friends Gardening with Martin and Sven and "Put the Alder back in Alderwood". A couple teenaged girls and old-men wanted us to work shirtless, along with some prank calls to cut the grass in public parks. Worked at "Arc en Ciel", wrote some poems, and started a B.A.

Summary: 20-26

  • Completed a B.Sc., worked for Imperial Oil, then an environmental consultant, bought a cool bike, met my future husband, got a M.Sc. on a NASA base, along with got some job offers, and tickets to hackathons.

The Team

  • My partner Keefer Rourke, I will marry him... but for now he's just my boyfriend. If possible, he would be the best Linux distro due to his graphene-strength moral-fiber, and his polynomial-time-like efficiency.

  • Biological and inherited parents. I'm extremely proud of them. My parents built an empire from nothing but hard work, taught me the value of hard work, and gave me all the tools that I would ever need to fulfil my dreams. My inherited pushed me to take the risks that inevidably made me both happy and successful.

  • Sister. I'm super proud of her. She brings positivity and success anywhere she goes (mostly for other people), no matter the adversity. Certainly a great benefactor of my joyous, and open mindset. More than she knows, she pushes me to follow my dreams and is a machine for non-stop motivation.